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Sportsroyals Power Tower Home Dip Station


Sportsroyals Power Station

If you are looking for the best dip station for home gym, then Sportsroyals has got your back with this amazing piece of equipment. This dip station can provide you with the most efficient workout that you can get using home gym gear. It’ll get you in shape very fast as long as you do the exercise regularly. Overall, it’s just an amazing piece of workout equipment that you need to add to your home gym.


Key Features

Dip stations are fantastic for building triceps and shoulder blade muscles very effectively. This home dip station takes it to a whole new level with its features. Let’s have a look at some of the main features of the Sportsroyals power tower station below. 

Different Resistance Levels: One of the best things about this Sportsroyals dip station is that you can customize the resistance level according to your needs. It’s extremely versatile and allows you to do all of the exercises that you see in the instructional videos on Youtube. That being said, you’ll be making a lot of progress toward building your dream body in no time. You just have to be dedicated and work out regularly.

Compact Design for Smaller Spaces: Another amazing thing about this pull up dip station is that you can mount it in smaller rooms without any issue. So, if you have a small room for your home gym, this can fight right in and it won’t cause you any trouble. It literally takes very little space, and you can fit all of your other pieces of workout equipment across the room without any issue. That’s really a lifesaver for many people and allows them to work out without having to worry about space.

Easy to Use: Dip stations allow you to get the most effective workout done in the easiest way possible. It doesn’t take you a very long time to learn how to perfect your form before getting any results or anything like that. In fact, you can use the dip and pull up station to make your workout routine more effective from the very next time you choose to exercise. It’s extremely easy to get started, and you’ll be able to use it regardless of your skill level. 

Extreme Durability Guarantee: Many people think about a pullup and dip bar as a risky piece of workout equipment as there is footage of it breaking mid-workout session. That can cause serious injuries. But these issues are only with the cheap quality dip stations. This dip station by Sportsroyals has the absolute best durability that you can ask for. It’ll provide you with an overall safer workout experience.


Compact design for smaller rooms
Enhanced stability ensures safety
Provides versatility in workout
Adjustable and customizable to suit your level
Best value for your money


Lacks the ability to provide bulky workouts
Quite heavy to move from one place to another