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Cardio and Ripped Abs! Why They Are So Important To You


A little known factor that will change your life if you incorporate to your daily living.  Feel better, look better, and change your outlook on exercising and fat loss. Cardio tips that will promote a healthy fit body forever.

A great way to get you back on track to your fat loss mission is not by doing hundreds of crunches and then expecting ripped abs. Cardio is a must to reduce excessive body fat. Interval training will multiply your results, and high intensity interval training (HIIT) will increase your results even more. Cardio exercises burn calories which will help you lose fat instead of just muscle and water weight – which is not something that will happen if you just go on a regular diet without training.

Cardio will help kick up your metabolism as well. Avoid cardio-overdrive training at all times, this is doing too much cardio training at too high of an intensity that prevents your body from recovering. High intensity training is good if it is done in intervals and not as an entire workout for long sustained periods of time. Recovery is the name of the game!

A good cardio routine combined with a good weight training regimen and a low fat, high protein diet, and in just a few months you will be stunned when you look in the mirror. Weight training combines building muscle tone and working the cardiovascular system. Plus it also helps your joints. Pick your favorite days to train your muscles, it is recommended that you do it every other day, remember to rest. As mentioned earlier give your body ample time to recover and regenerate.

An often overlooked aspect of building muscle and avoiding injury is to allow for proper rest in between weight lifting sessions. Even professional body builders who lift weights every single day give their muscles a rest by working various muscles groups each day to give other muscle groups time heal and recover. Just remember, they also do cardio training as well. Don’t workout if your are dead sore (which will be the case if you’re new to training or haven’t trained for a long while), simply wait a few days and go at it again. Tip for recovering fast: drink plenty of water and take a protein shake within 30 minutes of finishing working out and about an hour before bed time.

For best results your cardio workouts such as jogging, swimming, rowing etc. should be done first thing in the morning for more effective metabolism boost and increased natural energy throughout your day. Weight training preserves muscle mass, strengthens ligaments and tendons, and increases body posture as your body tones up. Weight training is not only an important addition to any exercise program, it can also be fun.

Always make your workouts fun and enjoyable, never go in the gym with a bad attitude as later you may feel bad about yourself because you didn’t do what you said you would. Give yourself a positive pep talk before going in the gym and tell yourself you are worth have an incredible body. Listen to some fun and upbeat music before you start, it will put you in an energetic mood. If you notice low energy levels through out your day, check your diet and get your zzz’s every night, at least 7 full uninterrupted hours.

Remember, weight training is a process not an overnight deal. You must be consistent and listen to your body for clues. If you are overly sore, stop and rest for a few days and reload with something lighter until your body is accustomed to the new training.  There is no magic workout or a secret pill that will make it happen, there is only you, to get your ripped abs follow through and finish strong.

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