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Which type of cardio is right for you?

Gone are the days when you had to visit the gym before you could make use of a treadmill. It could be even worse when you have to wait your turn to use one, meanwhile you may lose all the motivation to actually get your favorite workout done. Thanks to contemporary times, both youth and adults have a wide array of choices. The good news is that you can now do your workout at home with the best cardio machines you could ever imagine.

In times such as this, when the pandemic is ravaging the world and people are staying in their homes more, even going to the gym is not an option. But does that mean your fitness should flop because you cannot go on an elliptical machine at the gym? Absolutely not!

Are you in search of the right fitness regimen for you during this lock down period and beyond? I bet you are!  Welcome to The Daily Cardio! The cardio fitness site dedicated to helping you get to know which type of cardio works best for you, and then giving you informative articles and videos to help you on your path to improved cardio health. So, lets get started!

Getting Acquainted with the Best Cardio Equipment


Talk about one of the most effective cardio machines ever invented! And the treadmills naturally have the floor. Little wonder why it is a natural choice for a lot of people who are really interested in having a home gym. While it is made to be adjustable to suit your speed preference, it essentially allows you to walk, jog or run. Although it may not be as exact as actually running outdoors, it makes up for a lot of running you cannot get to do in times like this, when you have little or no choice.

Whether you need to do intensive training, or where you really need to slow it down, say, when you have a knee injury or arthritis, then treadmills naturally come to your aid particularly with the fact that they are built to help reduce impact stress on joints compared to running outside on hard surfaces.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of treadmills to guide you…


  • Great usage in keeping track with time and pace and distance
  • Very easy to use so even beginners have do not need to worry
  • It is a great plus if you are looking towards building leg muscles and your cardio stamina
  • It has been proven to burn fat
  • A good equipment to boost metabolism
  • You can actually personalize its usage to your preferences


  • Has a higher impact on joints opposed to other types of machines
  • You may need to save more to get one
  • Not for a full body workout as it places more focus on the lower part of the body and your lungs and heart

If you are interested in getting a good treadmill for your home gym, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you may want to learn more about which treadmill is best for you, see all of the treadmills that Amazon has to offer here.

Elliptical Machines

Just like the treadmill, elliptical machines also place a premium on muscle strength. It is a good choice for your home gym, keeping you healthily away from the Corona Virus pandemic. If you have been looking for a good and effective means of burning calories and dropping a few pounds while building some muscle, the elliptical machines offer you a world of varieties. And you know the better part of it? They do not only work on the lower part of your body, but also have your hands and heart in mind too!

Elliptical machines give a natural low impact therapy for your joints and muscles. Reason is because unlike the treadmill, you do not need to lift your feet and place them back on the machine at intervals. They are good for slow and fast-paced workouts, thanks to the pedals which are easily adjustable and handle bars to ensure you have a firm grip and balance.

Thanks to contemporary times, elliptical machines help people in such a way that you hardly feel the workout strain on your joints. This is due to the fact that you never land like when running. The machine is in perpetual motion throughout the workout. It helps monitor your heart rate, thanks to the wireless controls that come with them.

Lets take a look at some of the pros and cons of elliptical machines to guide you…


  • Definitely less expensive and more affordable
  • Provide the option to build arm muscles, biceps and triceps
  • A great cross-trainer which helps you track your pace
  • Thanks to the low impact effect, they are less straining
  • Great for young as well as older people


  • has a patterned paced workout, can become a bit old and boring
  • may not be as effective for a rigorous workout

If you are interested in getting a good elliptical machine for your home gym, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you may want to learn more about which elliptical machine is best for you, see all of the elliptical machines that Amazon has to offer  here.

Exercise Bikes

For lovers of cycling, this is the best machine to give you a feel of what you cannot get done outdoors right now. Exercise bikes even have a bigger plus in their comfort tag, they offer you the best cardio you can ever get using a machine. Since they come in different models and variants, you could take interval training or really intense workouts, or more long and steady workouts, especially for the newbies.

Exercise bikes are low impact machines which focus primarily on your leg muscles. Built to be sturdy and durable so they can take on your weight and give you the right balance, you also have access to comfort with the spin bikes, reclining or even enjoying some movie right from the comfort of your home. So, what are the pros and drawbacks?

Lets take a look at some of the pros and cons of exercise bikes to guide you…


  • You get the feel of real bike riding, since you can adjust the speed with the in-built gears
  • Great for both intense and not-so-intense workouts
  • They have the best cardio and aerobic benefits
  • Low impact on  leg muscles, unlike the treadmills
  • Affords you to exercise even in a semi-reclined position
  • You don’t need to worry about what the weather will be


  • May not be suitable if you don’t have much space in your home
  • You may have some difficulty if you hate being stationary for a long time. This may affect your workout regime
  • No benefits for the muscles in your upper body

If you are interested in getting a good exercise bike for your home gym, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you may want to learn more about which exercise bike is best for you, see all of the exercise bikes that Amazon has to offer here.

High Intensity Cardio

In search of power cardio workouts, you definitely have to give high intensity cardio a try. It provides a lot of benefits, even within a short period of fitness regimen. For one, it helps to make you less prone to cardiovascular diseases, helps to strengthen your bones, while also helping you lose weight. With simple squats, sit-ups or push-ups, the results are far reaching.

Have no doubts, high intensity cardio has gained much more prominence in the last 10 years or so, thanks to the incredible benefits they offer ordinary people, whether you are a newbie or not. High Intensity Cardio is that form of exercise that helps you to channel a lot of energy into a short period of time, while you may thereafter have a long period of rest. This type of training is meant to increase endurance and stamina by pushing you to the maximum of your body’s ability for short periods of time to increase your body’s maximum level of ability. Think of a plant, the more water you give it the more it grows, the more it grows, the more the amount of water it can take in also grows.

Interested in this form of cardio training?

Lets take a look at some of the pros and cons of High Intensity Cardio training to guide you…


  • Helps metabolism
  • Mental health booster
  • Great for aerobic and cardio workouts
  • You don’t necessarily need cardio machines like treadmill or exercise bikes to do this type of training
  • They burn calories fast


  • They may not be suitable for people that need to take easy exercises, especially as a result of injuries
  • They require consistency
  • You need more space to do this type of training than traditional exercise machines

If you are interested in getting good high intensity cardio equipment for your home gym, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you may want to learn more about what high intensity cardio equipment is best for you, see all of the High Intensity Cardio essentials that Amazon has to offer here.

Treadmills vs Exercise Bikes vs Elliptical Machines vs High Intensity Cardio: Which is the right fit for you?

Having considered the benefits and drawbacks of each of these machines, you can see that making a choice requires a consideration of your health, your finances, your preference, and your purpose for which you are training.

Interestingly, since they come in different models, you have a wide range of choices. However, it still boils down to you. Are you in search of the best cardio machine that works for your full body or half? Do you want to lose some of fat that you’ve gained in this pandemic? Would you love to recline while you exercise? Are you particularly in search of a high intensity short fitness regimen? Then, the choice is yours to consider as there is no size that fits all.

Have you made your choice? For great detail and professional recommendation on the specs of cardio machines as well as articles about cardio, diet, stretching and everything else cardio related, please visit us daily so we can help you on your journey to improved cardio health.