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Gielmiy Wall Mounted Indoor Pull Up Bar

Gielmiy Wall Mounted Indoor Pull Up Bar

Gielmiy Indoor Pull Up Bar

If you’re looking for a great quality wall mounted pull up bar, then Gielmiy has the best option for you. This pull-up bar is the perfect workout equipment for training your upper body. You’ll get the extreme resistance training workouts done without any sweat as it can provide you with the flexibility and reliability that you crave. Overall, if you want to do all the fancy pull-up exercises in the most effective way possible, then this Gielmiy pull-up bar is the #1 gear that you should get.

Gielmiy Wall Mounted Indoor Pull Up Bar

Key Features

There are many features of this Gielmiy pull up bar stand that make it the perfect equipment for your home gym. Let’s check out a few of the features that will tell you why you should get this workout gear right now. 

Most Effective Upper Body Training Gear: With this bar, you can do all sorts of exercises that can get you in your dream shape as fast as possible. The brilliant design allows you to take your body weight training to a whole new level, and it’s the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to work on toning their upper body. It’ll let you unlock the true potential of your pull-ups, making it the best iron gym pull up bar for your workout routine.

Takes Less Space: Over the recent years, people are definitely gravitating more toward working out from their homes. In that case, this pull-up bar makes up for the perfect home gym workout equipment that you can find out there. It’s compact and you don’t need a lot of space to install it as well. So, if you have a lot of stuff in your home gym or have a smaller space, it’ll be the best workout equipment for you. You can easily install the pull up bar for home on your concrete or brick wall, which is pretty amazing. 

Very Comfortable Grip: There’s no doubt about the fact that pull-ups are one of the hardest exercises out there. And if the grip is not right, it can mess up everything. Luckily, this Gielmiy pull-up bar is one of the most comfortable bars that you can find on the market that’ll make your life so much easier. The design is absolutely flawless and provides you with the most comfortable exercise session that you can ask for. 

Guarantees Safer Workout: One of the best things about this pull-up bar is that it ensures a safer workout session for you. With over 600 pounds of maximum weight capacity, you can do all sorts of exercises on the bar without worrying about the iron bar breaking. You can see a lot of DIY pull up bar accident videos on the internet, and this pull-up bar can easily handle anything you throw at it.


Super heavy-duty build quality
Takes up less space than most other workout gear
Provides a very comfortable grip
Guarantees safety in your workouts
Perfect for upper body training


Not the best option for full-body workouts
Installation can be a hassle in the beginning