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Egg Weights Adjustable Stainless Steel Dumbbells Set

Egg Weights Adjustable Stainless Steel Dumbbells Set

Stainless Steel Dumbbells Set

Egg hand weights are amazing at enhancing any workout and making it more effective on your muscles. These stainless steel dumbbells egg weights put more intensity on your exercise drills, and these are perfect for anyone who wants to step up their gains. These weights are super effective when you’re working with targeted muscles and can help them grow much faster. Overall, these are just great workout accessories that you should add to your daily workout.

Egg Weights Adjustable Stainless Steel Dumbbells Set

Key Features

There are many benefits of using hand egg weights in your workout routine. Let’s talk about a few of the features of these egg weights below and talk about why they are the best adjustable dumbbells alternative for you. 

Amazing Grip: One of the best things about these weights is that you can get a really good grip on them without too much effort. The anti-slip texture allows you to get a superb grip on the egg weights. That way, you can focus on the exercises and truly get the full potential of the drills. That’s especially helpful for someone who has sweaty hands in the gym as they can really enhance their workout a lot using these weights.

Incredible Build Quality: These hand weights are superb in build quality. These can help you get effective workouts and are quite good alternatives to adjustable weight dumbbells as well. Not to mention, the build quality allows it to last for a very long time. So, you won’t have to worry about buying replacements anytime sooner unless you lost these. It’s all metal construction for the toughest durability and the outside is made of plastic for the best grip.

Enhance Your Exercises: The main purpose of doing your exercise with hand weights is to increase the intensity of your exercises, and therefore, make them more effective and efficient. If you own an adjustable dumbbell set then you can use them for exercises like sit-ups, abdominal crunches, etc. However, that can be extremely difficult for a beginner to perform these exercises properly with a dumbbell. Egg weights make it easier for you to do that easily and get the benefits.

Perfect for Home Gyms: Egg weights can be the perfect home gym accessory that you can get for yourself. These don’t take up any space but give you so much versatility in your exercises. If you own a dumbbell set for home gym you know that gym gear can take up a lot of space, which is not ideal nor practical for smaller rooms. However, these egg weights don’t take any space and you can store them anywhere you want, making them the perfect home gym gear for your money.


Super portable and easy to carry
Allows you to do exercises more intensely
Feels great in the hand
Anti-slip texture helps to give a good grip
A dense and heavier metal build


Can’t put extra weight than its maximum 3 lbs weight limit
No carrying bag included with the package