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4 Simple Ways to Relax and Take it Easy


If you are like millions of other people, you find yourself felling run down and stressed out at times. You may be unable to sleep, feel restless, and are often cranky because of your inability to relax. Here are four quick and easy ways to help you relax and take it easy.

Relax and Take it Easy Tip # 1: Take a bath.

No, not one of those jump in, scrub a dub dub, and jump out of the tub kind of baths. Grab a few candles, especially aromatherapy candles with great soothing and relaxing scents such as lavender, chamomile, cinnamon, or sandalwood. Find some luxurious bubble bath or some relaxing bath salts which will have you feeling relaxed and a bit pampered. If you don’t know about bath salts or have wanted to try them, read our article on Using Aromatic Bath Salts For A Peaceful Nights Sleep by clicking here. There are also relaxing essential oils that you can add to your bath if you are not into the bath salts. The goal is to find something to add to the water that will help you relax and be at peace, if only for a short while. Select a soothing music playlist and escape to a magical place of relaxation. You will be amazed at how refreshed and relaxed you will feel. Also, the warm waters can help to ease muscle tension and rejuvenate tired or aching muscles and joints, It is a great way to relax and take it easy.

Relax and Take it Easy Tip # 2: Turn your bed into a night time escape.

You can do this easily by using some soothing aromatherapy products such as aromatherapy pillows or using a soothing night time spray that you use to lightly mist the linens of your bed. This is a relaxing blend of lavender and other essential oils that can help carry you away to dream land. There are also essential oils that you can rub into various parts of your body that aide in relaxation and sleep. Add some of those to to some nature sounds that play softly in the background to drive away environmental noises like the neighbors dog or the kids’ television playing from another room. That will let you escape into the sounds of a calmly crashing surf, or the awe of a summer thunder storm, and many other calming sounds. There are plenty of free apps that give you many of these types to sounds to choose from. This is a much better way to relax and take it easy than reading a book or playing on your smart phone when you want unwind for a great night’s sleep. If you want to learn more about essential oils, read our article on the 5 Best Aroma Therapy Essential Oils, click here.

Relax and Take it Easy Tip # 3: Meditate.

No, you do not have to join some new age group to meditate. The art of meditation has been used for centuries to help people relax, deal with stress and pain, and to regain a sense of balance and clarity. Meditating is a great way to relax and take it easy by helping you to redirect your thoughts and your mental energy somewhere else, to a calm and soothing place free of stress. This can have beneficial effects to your mental state that will last hours into the next day if not longer. If you’re not into just sitting and trying to clear your mind, then find low effort activities that require focus on just that activity to do it. By default you will clear your mind of all of the normal stuff that you think about that stresses you out and makes it hard to fall asleep.

Some examples would be: Yoga, Tai chi, draw or paint, simple crafts or scrap booking. You can even lay in bed and do meditative breathing. A simple one is to count to 10 while breathing. You simply breathe slowly in through your nose while focusing on the number one in your mind. Breathe slowly out through your mouth while still focusing on the number one in your mind. Then continue counting on each breath in and out until you get to 10. The breathing relaxes your body and slows your heart rate which relaxes your muscles. The focusing on the numbers causes you to clear your mind of external thoughts which will lower your stress. It is hard to fall asleep if you lay in bed thinking about all of the activities you have for the next day or dreading having to do something you don’t want to do but must do. These thoughts certainly add stress to your mind and body. If you would like to read our article on Yoga, Tai Chi, And The State of Zen, click here.

Relax and Take It Easy Tip # 4: Get some fresh air.

In this hectic cubicle, office, work from home, retail store, or warehouse world many of us live in today, we really don’t get a lot of fresh air. You will be amazed at how relaxed and refreshed you will feel after merely being in nature and getting some fresh air on a regular basis. If you have a quiet out of the way beach or secluded wooded trail go there several times a week for 15-30 minutes, it will relax you for sure. Or even if you have a spacious park right in your neighborhood that you can enjoy in the evening, take advantage of it! That way if you can’t get to a beach or a wooded trail, you can simply take a good book to the park and stretch out on a blanket or walk around the park examining the flowers watching kids playing or whatever you want to do so you can breathe in fresh air.

This can be a great way to ease you back into nature which will help reduce stress. This will help you connect with the larger world around you and infuse your lungs with the much needed fresh air that they so rarely get in our stale steel and concrete tombs we call cities. If you can’t do that, simply go outside on your porch or lawn or just on your door step for 5 minutes, take a deep breath, and relax and take it easy. Believe it or not, simply walking, just normal speed can improve your mental and physical health. If you would like to read our article on Improving Your Cardiovascular and Mental Health, click here.

There you go, four very simple and easy ways that you can relax, take it easy, and prepare your mind and body for a restful nights sleep. The most important thing is to realize that we all need that down time for our mental and physical well being. So make some time for yourself today to relax and take it easy.

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