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Best Brooks Running Shoes for Men and Women

Brooks has been a trusted name in the running shoe industry for over an entire century! They make the most high-quality products that are actually affordable and serve the purpose perfectly. Below, let’s review 2 of the best Brooks running shoes for men and women that you can try out for yourself.

Brooks Mens Running Shoes Ghost 14

When it comes to quality and clean looks, it’s hard to beat Brooks mens running shoes by a long shot. The Ghost 14 is the sweet spot for most men and you can’t go wrong with this pair. They are the classics and you can rock them on walks, jogging, or running. Every man should own a pair of Brooks Ghost 14 in their running shoe collection.


Key Features

Let’s have a look at some of the main features of Ghost 14 Brooks sneakers for men and check out what makes them so special.

Breathable Design: The Ghost 14 Brooks sneakers for men has taken some of the cushioning out from the previous models and made this one more breathable. So, your feet will get more ventilation and you’ll have an overall better experience with the shoes.

Maximum Comfort: It’s no wonder that these Brooks shoes are insanely comfortable to wear. You can wear it all day without feeling any sort of irritation on your feet, which is just remarkable.

Incredible Durability: Thanks to the marvelous build quality, one pair of Brooks ghost running shoes will last you years without any issue. You won’t need to replace them anytime soon.


✓ More space more comfort
✓ Incredible build quality
✓ Provides a perfect fitting easily
✓ Feels very lightweight on the feet
✓ Provides the best value for the money


✓ The less cushion can feel like a downgrade for some users
✓ Flat laces might not be suitable for your style

Brooks Ghost Womens Running Shoes Ghost 14

If you are looking for Brooks Ghost womens running shoes, then Ghost 14 is undoubtedly the best one for you. It’s the perfect balance of quality and style. If you love walking or running, this is the only pair of running shoes you need to own.


Key Features

Let’s have a look at some of the features that make the women’s Ghost 14 such a remarkable running shoe.

Perfect Fitting: Fitting is the most important thing to get down as it directly impacts the experience of using a shoe. Luckily, it’s very easy to get the perfect fit with Brooks sneakers women compared to any other running shoes on the market.

Very Comfortable: Brooks has the reputation for manufacturing the most comfortable running shoes on the market. Although the Ghost 14 model has less cushioning than the 12 and 13 models, it’s very comfortable on foot. Also, you won’t feel like wearing anything extra thanks to the lightweight body.

Sleek and Modern Design: One of the best features of this Brooks ghost womens running shoe has to be its sleek design. It looks and feels modern, and you can rock it daily with almost any workout outfit.


✓ Provides more comfort to your feet
✓ Enhanced durability thanks to the exceptional build quality
✓ Adds more support to your feet
✓ Very lightweight and the fitting is incredible
✓ Top class finish; sleek and modern


✓ The flat laces might not be for you
✓ Less cushioning than the previous models