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ASU Trainer Weighted Jump Rope for Fitness

ASU Trainer Weighted Jump Rope for Fitness

ASU Trainer weighted jump rope for fitness

Weighted jumping ropes enhance the effectiveness of jump ropes and provide you an intense training to get in shape faster. The ASU Trainer weighted jump rope for fitness is the best in its class and you can get an intensive workout by using it. Also, it’s one of the most convenient pieces of equipment that you can own for your gym or even your home gym. You should definitely give it a try as it’s a must-have workout gear that you should use.

ASU Trainer Weighted Jump Rope for Fitness

Key Features

The ASU Trainer weighted ropes are made pretty well and these will enhance your workout experience by a lot. Let’s have a look at some of its core features to give you an idea about this fantastic workout equipment.

Enhanced Workout: If you’re searching for the best jump rope for weight loss, then you should definitely try a weighted rope. These make every jump rep more challenging, giving you better results. Also, you won’t have to use the jump ropes for half an hour as the extra weight will cut your workout time significantly while providing an intense workout.

Faster Results: As we mentioned earlier, the extra weight makes your jumping rope exercise much more challenging and intense. That helps a lot with getting your desired results faster as you’re dealing with more resistance training. If you’ve trained with a heavy jump rope before you know that it is quite hard to do. And that’s what shreds the body fat and provides the faster results and gains that you desire. 

Smart Design: ASU Trainer is famous for making the best quality workout gear in the market. This is undoubtedly the best weighted jump rope available on the market for many reasons. But the design is one of the top reasons for sure. It’s super elegant and portable. That allows you to carry it around wherever you want, making it perfect for gyms. And you can fold it and store it easily as it doesn’t take up any space, which is great for home gyms. Not to mention, the grip feels superb in the hand, and you’ll feel amazing working out with this weighted jump rope. 

Perfect for Beginners: Jump rope exercises are pretty easy to learn yet they are super effective. If you are searching for the best jump rope for beginners that’ll get you results faster, then this is the perfect choice for you. It’ll literally take a day to learn the exercise forms and a few days to perfect them. And that way, you can add the jumping rope exercises to your workout routine very fast and start getting the results as well.


Provides an intense workout for you
Perfect for anyone regardless of their experience
Helps to cut down working out time by a lot
Easy to carry and use anywhere
Great for gyms and home gyms


There is no way to increase the weight of these weighted ropes
Not the best gear for isolated muscle training